Why FEG Is The Reliable Eyelash Enhancer?

Among the cosmetic market, you can find many eyelash high light products, such as mascara, false eyelash extension and all kind of enhancers. As one of the most popular eyelash enhancers, FEG eyelash enhancer enjoy the positive feedbacks & reviews from users in many countries. Alike with many other eyelash stimulation serums, this effective eyelash enhancer is used to treat insufficient and short eyelashes or eyebrows. What’s more, it is the reliable enhancer for people who got sensitive skin. Why is that? Secrets are beneath it’s super natural formulations. The harmless components make feg the popular star among the lash market.

Main formula of FEG eyelash enhancer:

Purified water.

Every one would familiar with this essential ingredient, it is mechanically filtered or processed from normal water. The purified water is widely used as an important ingredient in the pharmaceutical industry. Water are take big part within human body, but the process we grow up is also a process of constant losing of water. The baby’s body moisture content is 80%, adults are 50%-60%, while the elderly are only 30%-40%. When the eyelash follicles shrinking and dehydrating day by day, there will less eyelash sprout form hair follicles. The clear water can help to moisturize follicles thus create a good environment for eyelash growth.

Citric acid.

As a weak organic acid, which is extracted from citrus fruits and widely used in many hair conditioners. It works as effective antioxidant that can prevent aging process of cells and tissues.The main role is to speed up keratin renewal, promote the body’s metabolic rate, promote hair follicle regeneration and inhibit bacterial reproduction.


Arginine is a conditionally essential amino acid in humans. The main effect is to accelerate the healing of wounds, promote the synthesis of collagen tissue in the human body, and thus achieve the effect of repairing wounds. Arginine also has the function of regulating immune function and is beneficial to the synthesis of proteins within humans.

Sodium chloride

When comes to  intravenous therapy, sodium chloride is used together with water as one of the primary solutions. Sodium chloride has a very high content in the human body and is widely used as an important pH balance agent in medical, chemical and industrial applications.

Cellulose gum

The cellulose gum is prepared from carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) and an appropriate amount of water, has good transparency, and its aqueous solution has high viscosity, and the temperature change does not cause its gel. It also has strong stability to heat and light. Among cosmetic industry, it is odorless, non-toxic white powder, also a popular component in many products.

Benzalkonium chloride

Benzalkonium chloride is a frequently used preservative in eye drops. Avoid benzalkonium chloride solutions application when wear contact lenses.

All ingredients from feg eyelash enhancer are side-effect-free, also offer the affordable price for people who want grow longer and fuller eyelashes. The formulation of feg are herbal-based extracts. Hair growth is split into three phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen, with application of feg about 20 days, the changed length and fullness of eyelashes will seen obviously. If you are afraid of the side effects of mascara or other eyelash serums may cause, then feg eyelash enhancer is the best agent.



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