Dominant Reason For Your Eyelash Condition

Just like double eyelids, long and thick eyelashes are single-gene dominant, that is, if you have inherited a short eyelash gene from your dad, and a long eyelash gene from your mom. Then the long eyelash gene will overwhelm the short eyelash gene, and you will grow with longer eyelashes literarily. But if your child inherits the masked short eyelash gene from you and another short eyelash gene from your lover, it’s no doubt that she or he will not gifted with long eyelashes that you have. The same result also applied to rolling eyelashes.

The average life span of eyelashes is 3 months, they are not as long as our hair, even the eyelash growth is strong and can’t stand short-lived reality. When the time is up, they will fade away and never grow as long as the hair. However, the eyelashes of the long eyelash gene may be in the growth phase for almost half of the three months, and grow rapidly, while the eyelashes of the short eyelash gene are in a stationary phase for 2/3 of the times, can’t image if the telogen phase are long than the other two phases. Most of the commercially available regular eyelash care products are mainly vitamin E, vitamin C, and panthenol (vitamin B5). The main effect is to improve the local blood circulation and to supply sufficient nutrients for eyelash growth, or to make the damaged eyelash surface restores luster and prevents the eyelashes from falling out.  FEG eyelash enhancer play the different role, it works by stimulate and nourish hair follicles, thus increase the length, fullness and durability of eyelashes and prolong the grow phase or life span of eyelashes.

Latisse is the only FDA approved brand for the treatment of inadequate eyelashes, the main active ingredient is bimatoprost. Bimatoprost was originally used to treat glaucoma, patients in clinical trails were found the increased length and thickness of eyelashes, this side effect has once attracted the interest of cosmetic manufacturers. People tried to use this medicine alone in the root of the eyelashes. It is expected that the user’s eyelashes will only become black, thick and long without affecting the intraocular pressure. However, they soon discovered that although the eyelash growth solution is effective, but it can cause eye dryness, visual disturbance, burning of the eyes, foreign body sensation, eye pain and other adverse reactions. For those who do not have glaucoma to treat, it is obviously not worthwhile to take on such risks. While, choose FEG will be the safe and worthy choice for eyelash enhancement. What’s more, there will be huge sale for clients all over the world.

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