LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum 5.91ml

LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum 5.91ml

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LiLash changes your lash follicles while further improve the natural beauty of your eye lashes. This clear and pure eyelash serum has been created by a physician to fortify your eyelash follicles. Watch your natural lashes lengthen with this strengthening conditioning formula that lessen lash breakage. The eyelash strengthening and conditioning combine to safe guard and naturally lengthen your lashes and to call attention to the beauty of your eyes. This serum also contains a powerful lash conditioning formula to lessen lash brittleness and prevent lash damage.

Product Information 

Use the LiLash EyeLash Serum to enhance the growth of your lashes, so that they look sexy and attractive. The application of this LiLash eye liner makes you look more appealing and sultry. Purified water gives this eyelash enhancer a liquid consistency. Lupus Albus Seed Extract present in this LiLash eye liner encourages hair growth. On the other hand, Prunus Amygdalus makes your lashes stronger by keeping them protected. Panthenol is also an ingredient present in this eyelash enhancer which acts as a moisturizing agent. Silica prevents hair breakage. So, add volume and length to your lashes, and look gorgeous, with the LiLash EyeLash Stimulator. 

Product Identifiers 
Brand LiLash 
Model Purified Eyelash Stimulator 

Key Features: 
Makeup Type Eye Makeup 
Makeup Sub-Type Eye Liner 
Foundation Type Liquid 

Additional Features Long Lasting

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